Director of LabSIC

Philippe Bouquillion

Contact Middle East and North Africa region

Abdelfettah Benchenna

Deputy Director of LabSIC

Christine Chevret

Asia-Pacific region contact

Philippe Bouquillion

Administration and Budget Officer

Pascaline Adonaï

Contact for South America region

Sophie Noël


By public transport - From Paris

Metro Line 12 – Front Populaire Station

RER E – Rosa Parks station – Bus 239 Front Populaire-Proudhon stop


By car, from Paris - Porte de la Chapelle

A1 freeway [towards Lille], Exit N°2 (Saint-Denis – Stade de France)
then direction Villetaneuse Université.

By public transport - From Paris

Train from Gare du Nord to Epinay-Villetaneuse station. [From Gare du Nord, follow one of the directions Ermont-Eaubonne, Luzarches, Persan-Beaumont or Valmondois, checking on the departure platform that the train stops at Gare d’Epinay-Villetaneuse]. Gare d’Epinay-Villetaneuse, Villetaneuse exit, then bus 361 [direction Gare de St-Denis] or bus 356 [direction St-Denis Université] to the Université Paris 13 stop.

From the Saint-Denis campus

Bus 256 [direction Gare d’Enghien], Stop Carnot

From the Bobigny campus

Tramway Line n°1 [direction Gare de St-Denis], to Marché de Saint-Denis then Bus 256 [direction Gare d’Enghien], Stop Carnot

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